Wednesday, December 22, 2010

U.S Congress & President Obama Repeal Don't Ask Do...

This video was taken when the Senate voted to repeal the, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy”. That was on Saturday. Today on 12/22/10 President Barack Obama fulfilled a campaign promise that he now repealed DADT.


Don’t’ Ask Don’t Tell is the policy that restricts the United States military from efforts to discover or reveal closeted homosexual or bisexual servicemembers or applicants, while barring those who are openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual from military service.


DADT was introduced by then President Bill Clinton in 1993. At the time in the Department of Defense Directive 1332.14 stated, “that homosexuality is incompatible with military service and persons who engaged in homosexual acts or stated that they are homosexual or bisexual were discharged”

The full name of the policy at the time was "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Pursue." The "Don’t Ask" provision mandates that military or appointed officials will not ask about or require members to reveal their sexual orientation. The "Don’t Tell" states that a member may be discharged for claiming to be a homosexual or bisexual or making a statement indicating a tendency towards or intent to engage in homosexual activities. The "Don’t Pursue" establishes what is minimally required for an investigation to be initiated. A "Don’t Harass" provision was added to the policy later. It ensures that the military will not allow harassment or violence against service members for any reason.

My Opinion:

DADT was total bullshyt. I AM A GAY AIRFORCE VETERAN. I hated not being able to put a rainbow sticker on my car. I’m damn proud of who I was and am. When I was in the military several personnel knew I was gay, and guess what THEY DIDN’T GIVE A RATS @$$. BUT in basic training I was the target of harassment, sexual harassment. In basic training we all had our own beds and one of my jobs was to go past each bed and collect used hangers from each person. There was a particular group of young men that I would have to go past everyday. One of them shouted, “You got a lot of your mother in you, don’t you?” I didn’t know what that meant at all. They continued to snicker as I would walk by everyday. Then one day when I thought everyone left the barracks I had to be there alone cleaning up because I had missed drill, and as punishment I had to clean. Two men from the group previously mentioned came into the barracks and began to taunt me and grope me. I DID NOT LIKE IT. I couldn’t tell anyone about what happened because I was fearful about getting kicked out of the military. It went on for a week and I remained silent.


If I could go back in the military I would.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Justin's HIV Journal: Capital Pride 2010 What does Pride Mean To You?

Pride vs. Activism

I know this is a long time coming and well Pride month is almost come and gone. Yes June is/was a big month for the DC/Baltimore area. Both of our prides are a week away from each other. It was great being on top of the DC Eagle float and it was also amazing being at my first Baltimore pride parade and being on the Mr. Maryland Leather 2010 float. I had so much fun.

But here is a question for you is going to pride a form of activism for you? In my opinion it is. Many years ago one could be arrested by hanging out in a gay venue. The police would raid the venue and arrest everyone in it. We protested such activities and had to show how proud we were to be ourselves, and to love it. Just about every major city has its own pride.

I wonder what people think when they are at their city’s pride. Do people think that pride is a party? Do they know the meaning of pride? Do they know the origins of pride? Or why we even have pride?

As I look around I see nothing but rainbow all around. I also see a lot of kissing, hugging and holding hands. Could this be pride? Being who you are in a safe place or is it activism, being who you are in the face of adversity. You decide.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Justin's HIV Journal: Whitman Walker Clinic Pepsi Refresh Project

Hello My name is Justin B Terry-Smith and I sit on the Board of Directors for the Whitman Walker Clinic. The Whitman Walker Clinic is the largest HIV/AIDS Clinic in the Washington DC area. It is the Clinic where I sometimes recieve treatment for my HIV since I've been diagnosed in 2006. VOTE for WHITMAN WALKER CLINIC... and we have a chance to get funding from the Pepsi Co. By voting you will not only help me but our community.

TO VOTE Click on this site below:


The need for this clinic in DC has never been greater. The nations capital has the highest rates of both HIV and STDs in the nation. The STD Clinic can find and treat people who are infected, protecting their health and the public health at the same time. The STD Clinic provides a safe space for people dealing with the stigma that continues to surround HIV & STDs.

Many people line up more than an hour before we open. Sadly, we have to turn away about 50 people per week because of capacity limitations. One reason for the popularity is that its free. While this is an expensive service, we believe that offering it for free encourages people to come get tested, especially those who may not be in regular medical care because they cant afford it. Despite the need, funding for the STD Clinic is falling. The city government has been forced to cut its funding for this vital service. Now, we need to find new sources of revenue to keep the Clinic functioning.
How will the 50K be Used?
Budget Notes: The true cost of running the clinic is $200,000 per year. The requested grant will not cover the remainder of facilities costs and staff salaries (including the nurse manager and quality, compliance, and finance personnel). Also, we are not asking for funding for outreach and educational materials.'

$ 35,000 Laboratory supplies for tests and treatments
$ 10,000 Offset the salary of the nurse manager
$ 5,000 Offset overhead costs for facility

Budget Notes: The true cost of running the clinic is $200,000 per year. The requested grant will not cover the remainder of facilities costs and staff salaries (including the nurse manager and quality, compliance, and finance personnel). Also, we are not asking for funding for outreach and educational materials.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mister J’s Living In Leather: Conditioning Leather

Mister J’s Living In Leather: Conditioning Leather

Today, I ran into another Leatherman and had a conversation about leather. We talked about how each others lives had change in the past couple of years. Then we got to the conversation of how to take care of ones leathers.

I realized that there are a lot of people that don’t know how to condition there leathers. There are different ways to take care of ones leathers, so I can only tell you how I condition my leathers.


A Small Bowl of Water, 2 Rags and BICK 4 Conditioning Solution

Step 1:

Find a flat surface and make sure it’s clean and clear of items.

Step 2:

Take Rag #1 and wet it with the water in the bowl.


Wipe down your leather with the water in the bowl. (The reason why we do this is to get any access dirty off your leather.

Step 4:

Take the BICK 4 Conditioning Solution and take a small amount and apply it onto the leather then take Rag #2 and spread the conditioner into the conditioner. I suggest doing it in portions and using a circular motion. Make sure that you get in creases, especially where leather separates. As an alternate way you may apply the BICK Leather Conditioning Solution on the Rag #2 and apply is to the leather.

Step 5:

Repeat Step 4 in all parts of the leather

I hope this helps

I buy my BICK 4 at the Outback Leather in Laurel MD