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Two Fisted v.1.2 An Interview with Mr. Maryland Leather 2010—Justin Smith By Sir Andy Liu

Two Fisted v.1.2 An Interview with Mr. Maryland Leather 2010—Justin Smith
By Sir Andy Liu
Justin Smith @ Contest in Jock - Contestant #3 - Justin Smith
Published November 29, 2009

Justin Smith @ Contest in Speech - Contestant #3 Justin Smith
@ Contest in Speech - Contestant #3 Justin Smith

Justin Smith @ Contest in Speech - Contestant #3 Justin Smith

On Veteran’s Day, November 11, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Maryland Leather 2010 – Justin Smith, at the Phoenix (1 W. Biddle St., Baltimore, MD 21201- 410.837.3906) for a little chat. I mention Veteran’s Day since it became very appropriate, as you will see later in the Interview. Being a bright, intelligent, well-spoken young man, I am sure we can expect many great things from Justin throughout his Title Year!

How excited are you having won Mr. Maryland Leather 2010?

I am very excited. I’m just ready to get to work on the work that needs to be done!

When you say work, anything in particular that you have in mind?

One of my main goals as Mr. Maryland Leather 2010 is to make sure that we do outreach to the new generation of Leathermen and Leatherwomen that are coming into our Community, because a lot of them need help to understand better what our Traditions are and our History and when the Leather Community started and how we came about.

What was the experience behind the stage, behind the curtain…? How was the entire Contest experience for you?

Let me just say that it was really cold! I didn’t expect it to be that cold, but then I realized that we are in a basement and actually it’s very cold. When I met the other two Contestants, Charles and Yoshi, we all clicked really well. All of us are in the same age group; we’re all really diverse. It’s kind of funny, because Charles is Caucasian, Yoshi is Asian, and I’m Black. And so a lot of people thought this is going to be a very, very exciting contest! To me it was really, really cool. We hung out behind the scenes, we were acting giddy like little school children cause we were really excited about what we wanted to do with the Title! We weren’t competing against each other; we were competing against the scoreboard, and I think we all had that in our heads. We wanted this to be fun and make sure that this was a good experience for each of us.

Any preliminary travel plans as Mr. Maryland Leather 2010?

Actually, I want to go out of this country, as I’m 29 years old and have not stepped foot outside of the United States. So, I actually want to go to a couple of different countries, such as Canada, which is on my list. There’s an event happening the weekend after Thanksgiving called Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2010 (MLT – and I would like to attend that.

And what would you like to do locally?

Honestly, I want to make sure the Community knows that I am here and they know that I am here for the greater good, which is them. Also, I want to make sure that the (younger) generation of people that are even curious about Leather or kinky play that they know they can come to me and ask me questions and I can tell them where the Leather Community has come from, the leaps and bounds that we’ve gone through and also the heartache that we’ve gone through. Especially when it comes to HIV / AIDS, I want to make sure that I also give a voice to those people who are suffering with this disease and make sure that we have Fundraisers for organizations like Pediatric AIDS.

How long have you been in the lifestyle?

I’ve been in the Community since 2005. It’s when I realized, ‘Wow, there’s a place for me and I’m kinky and I can go here and feel accepted. Wow, this is kind of cool!!’ And, in 2006, I went head first into it and I joined a club called the DC boys of Leather (, which is a great space for people starting out and beginning their path into the Leather Community. It’s a safe and sane place. And then I met my Husband in early 2006.

Favorite hanky colors?

My favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite hanky color has to be red. It’s my favorite hanky color. A lot of people would say, “Oh, you’re putting your hand up somebody’s ass or vagina, and I personally say no, that is not the theory behind my head as to why I am doing it or what I’m thinking when I’m doing it. I am actually getting closer to the person’s soul. I’m actually reaching, no pun intended, inside their soul and feeling who they are and it’s basically just getting closer to the person that you’re playing with. My other favorite hanky color has to be yellow. Yellow has to go back to when I was a kid. And there was probably an experience that I will never, never forget and it had something to do with piss play and I’ve held on to it ever since.

What have you and your husband done to celebrate (your new Title)?

Actually, tonight he’s taking me to dinner because we haven’t had time since last weekend when I won. We haven’t had time together intimately so since it’s Veteran’s Day and we’re both Veterans—he’s an Army Veteran and I’m an Air Force Veteran—we’ve decided to make sure that we took the time tonight to actually celebrate Veteran’s Day and also to celebrate my new Title. He’s going to take me out to dinner. I don’t know where because it supposed to be a surprise, but he said it’s going to be very romantic and very intimate.

Thank you both for your service! Have you given any thought to Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2010 (MAL –, International Mr. Leather 2010 (IML – [Note: Charles Pijanowski, 1st Runner-Up, Mr. Maryland Leather 2010 will compete at MAL. Justin will compete at IML]

For MAL, I know that Charles will do well. I will always be in his corner, always rooting for him. He’s a special guy. What I like about MAL is, one it’s in my backyard, so my travel expenses are minimal and, two, I have a lot of friends who are competing this year Of course I am a little biased because my Class Brother Charles is going to be competing, but I’ll always make sure that we support each other, especially those of us who are in this area.

When no one is looking, what do you do for fun?

Actually it’s kind of funny—I like to read fiction novels. Also, I like to play video games. I have a Wii game console at home and so I’m always on the Wii and I’m always on the Internet like Facebook, and Recon. Or, actually doing homework, because I am back in school and I have 30 more credits until I get my political science degree.

Congratulations! A fun, interesting fact about Justin Smith that nobody knows?

I think there’s very little since I am very open about who I am and I’m basically what you see is what you get. A very little known fact about me that nobody knows: When I am feeling kind of down and feeling kind of sad, the first person I call is my Mother because she’s very special.My Mom is my best friend.

Any favorite Charities or Causes that are near and dear to your heart?

It would have to be Pediatric AIDS. First of all, we all have choices, and I feel kind of sad when I hear about children born with HIV/AIDS or even born to HIV parents and the parents aren’t here anymore. So, it really touches me to my heart when I hear a lot of the different stories about these children and I feel that sometimes that the babies are helpless and they need to be helped. They have no way of raising money by themselves because they’re children! How can you possibly ask that of children!?! So that organization really touches my heart.

Now you write a column of your own, don’t you?

It’s called “Justin’s HIV Journal”

And our readers can access that how?

Well, actually what I have done is I’ve made my own blog and my own YouTube site and basically kind of came out with my own website called, so you can actually access the YouTube site, the Facebook site, all these other sites that I am writing for. Justin’s HIV Journal came about when I started on HIV medications. It was my feeling that I wanted people to know what it is like to live with HIV and what it is like to be on medications with HIV so that they in turn they will not make the same mistakes that I did, that many of us have already made. I wanted people to actually be able to see how much heartache goes into maybe not being able to afford your meds or your insurance not paying, what you have to go through when your diet has to change, etc.

So just go to …

Everything is linked there.

So you’re providing a valuable resource right off the bat for people may not have know this information.

Yes, and almost right after I won I’ve begun to specialize the various pages about me on the Internet. On Facebook, for example, I now started my Leather page versus my non Leather page, so my non Leather page would be Justin B Smith on Facebook and my Leather page would be MisterJ Justin on Facebook. I’ve also made a fan page on Facebook for Mr. Maryland Leather 2010 to make sure I list the events I’m going to be at and certain charities that I’m going to give monies to, to make sure that people know that I am actually doing things in the Community, to make sure that if they want to come out and support the same organizations that I am always here for them.

Who’s cooking for thanksgiving, you or your Husband?

Neither! (A lot of laughter) It’s kind of up in the air right now. We actually were invited by another couple in Baltimore to go up the night before. The day of Thanksgiving we’re supposed to be going to my Father’s side of the Family’s house for them to meet my Husband because they have yet to meet him! It’ll be very, very interesting since they haven’t met him and we’re already married! But, my Father has met him and likes him a lot. It’s kind of funny. When we were sitting down to dinner, they sat down the same way, folded their napkins the same way, and had the same beer. I kind of looked at them and said, “Ewww! This is disgusting!” And then they started talking about construction and I felt like I was the third wheel! (More laughter.)

Any final thoughts or words?

I just want to say that I’m going to try to represent the Maryland Leather Community as best as I possibly can with the Dignity and Respect that this Title deserves.

Thank you so much, and have an awesome Title Year!

You’re welcome. And thank you!

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